10 Best Email Clients for Windows


When it comes to Windows 10, you will find an innumerable amount of email clients which boasts of providing you with the best available services. However, choosing the best of the best Windows 10 email clients becomes really difficult from the long list. To make your choice simple, we have brought to you some of the best email clients for Windows 10 so that you can easily take care of all your email tasks and have it less cluttered.


If you are on the lookout for an email client, which will not take up a lot of your Windows 10 PC space, then Mailbird is your perfect choice.

Mailbird is a beautifully designed app which allows you to customize everything in it so that you can use it as you like it. What Mailbird basically does is reduce your load when it comes to mailing. You can store some customized replies which can be immediately sent and you can find important emails by just clicking on the display picture of the sender.


Mailbird integrates various social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp so that you can look up an unknown sender in just a few clicks. You can also import your mailbox via Mailbird. It comes in a free and a paid version.

Price: Free and Pro: $495.5

Download Mailbird


One of the best email apps presents and comes as an integrated email client of Windows 10. Outlook helps you to bring all your email accounts in one place and keep things organized. One of the best things about Outlook is that you can access any email account via this client.


Outlook allows you to customize notifications for various email sender so that you know which emails to pay attention to and which not. Outlook comes with a host of various tools which can be applied to customize the client fully.

You can also segregate the emails according to the specific senders in the app automatically. With the further familiarity of Outlook, you can even try to develop macros for the app with VBA.

Price: Free and Pro Starting from $5

Download Outlook

8eM Client

Looking for something very basic? Try using your hands on eM Client. It is one of the simplest email clients of Windows 10 which has all the vital tools to provide you with the major facilities of email clients. Calendar, contacts, task reminders, you name it and eM Client has it present for you.


You can also import the settings of other email clients to eM Client if required. eM Client allows you to customize your contact list so that you can give preference to the required senders.

The free version of eM Client will allow you to import the settings of only one email client, whereas for just $50 you get the pro version of the app which allows unlimited imports. eM Client also allows you to share your calendars and tasks with other people.

Price: Free

Download eM Clien


Mails are one of the top sources of communication in today’s world. We share innumerable amount of personal information via emails. But have you ever thought of how safe your information is?

With Inky you can be hundred percent relaxed as it provides its clients with end to end encryption for all the emails sent via this email client of Windows 10. Inky is one of those clients which claims that they can fix the broken emails.


Inky has a very simple user interface in-spite of having all the security features. It allows you to import emails from other clients and keep them organized with the help of tags or messages so that it can easily be found later. It also helps in the automatic organization of the mails and has a powerful search engine.

Inky comes free for people with Gmail, Outlook or iCloud account holders, rest have to pay $5 after 14 day trial period.

Price: Free and Pro: $99.95

Download Inky

6Claws Mail

Remember how those old days felt like? Claws Mail will import you to a bygone era with its layout. However, there’s nothing to be scared of. Claws Mail is just like any modern email client for Windows 10.


Claws Mail is perfect for people who love getting things on their own. It allows you to import as many email accounts as you want to but you have to do on your own. The best part about Claws Mail is that it takes up minimal space and has an active bug ticker. It fixes bugs as soon as they are detected. It also gets updated on its own reducing the hassle for its users. You also get a host of plug-ins to use.

Price: Free

Download Claws Mail

5Zimbra Desktop

Looking for an email client for your Windows 10 PC which comes with no cost at all? Try out Zimbra Desktop! Zimbra Desktop has been around for quite some time now and it is one of the best email clients for the system.


It prevents cluttering your desktop by providing a top bar which keeps track of all the emails that are coming in. calendar, task integrator, you name it and Zimbra Desktop has it present for you. Zimbra Desktop also allows you to work in an offline mode with all your work saved on a local disk.

Price: Free and Pro $25 per month

Download Zimbra Desktop


With a bright layout, TouchMail is one of the most vibrant email clients on Windows 10. It allows you to import all your email accounts and messages (except the ones which belong to POP3). All the required email tools are available at the user’s disposal in TouchMail. Although TouchMail contains certain in-app purchases, it comes for free to all the users.

TouchMail not only allows you to add as many email accounts as you require but also allows you to segregate each of those accounts in separate folders so that you can search an email whenever you need it.

Price: Free

Download TouchMail


If you are bored of all the regular email clients available for Windows 10 then it’s time you try Thunderbird. Thunderbird is brought to you by Mozilla and has a host of tools which allows you to take care of all the problems encountered in using an email service.

The extensions can be applied as and when you want to solve the problems encountered.


Thunderbird allows you to segregate the emails from various accounts in folders and also maintains a log which will help you find which folder you have transported your email in.

If you feel the need to write multiple emails at a go, Thunderbird will keep all of them open under separate tabs in the same window so that your system doesn’t get cluttered.

Price: Free

Download Thunderbird

2Opera Mail

When you need something which is lightweight yet has all the major functionality in place, Opera Mail is one of the best.


Be it IMAP or POP, all are supported by Opera Mail and it also helps in organizing your emails so that you can find them as and when required. Opera Mail maintains a tab for all of your emails which makes finding them a lot easier than you think.

Price: Free

Download Opera Mail


When seeking something exclusively for Windows 10, Metromail is something everyone should check out. One of the best things about Metromail is that it allows you to fully customize the app as and how you want to. It allows importing of email from other clients.


Metromail allows you to save your messages on your PC which is a huge benefit as you can work in an offline mode with the help of it. You can integrate all your email accounts and segregate them according to your convenience. Metrorail also allows you to sync your PC with your Windows phone.
Price: Free

Download Metromail


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